Race Recap: New PR!

This weekend I participated in a small, local 10k race, the Grunski Runski. Growing up, I had always heard of the race, but I wasn’t a runner in high school so I hadn’t previously attended. I was excited to take part in a local event! It was close to home, short bathroom lines, and familiar streets to race on!


My splits:

(1) 8:27 (2) 8:32 (3) 8:37 (4) 8:38 (5) 8:43 (6) 8:22 (very happy to run the last mile faster than the first!)

Total time: 53:34 (I forgot to stop my watch right away, so unofficial time, but pretty close) New PR!

I always start out faster than I anticipate. When I train, my average pace is around 9:30 min/mile. There’s just something about race day that gets me pumped! While I was running, I tried to maintain a 8:30 min/mile pace, as that’s what felt good at the time. Repeating reminders about my form from the Good Form Running Clinic  in my head kept me focused and able to push myself. I continue to surprise myself during races. I’m amazed at what my body and mind can accomplish! I feel blessed to be able to run. 🙂 I ended up cutting 4 1/2 minutes off my previous 10k PR. I took 4th for women age 20-29. See, there is a reason to train!

Another plus about this local race was that I ran around my home town and it reminds me of my mom. My mom passed last year from ovarian cancer. The race started and ended near the school where my mom used to work. This past June we dedicated a memorial in her name at the school. During this race, and all races really, I picture my mom on the sides of the streets cheering me on. She was my biggest cheerleader and I know she would’ve been at the race if she was still here. She always seemed to be more proud of my accomplishments than I was.


Memorial bench and surrounding flowers in memory of my mom

Even though my mom was not physically there, it felt good to run in a place that reminds me of her. It’s no longer unbearably sad, but brings a smile to my face.


Students at the elementary school made bricks to surround the bench. My mom was a secretary in the school district for 35 years.

My next thought when I ended the race was, “Omg, now my next race is the half marathon!” I am super excited to run it this year. Last year I didn’t train well and, surprise!, it didn’t go so hot.

After some much needed Centergy, foam rolling, and stretching with the pup this weekend, I’m set to get back to my half marathon training schedule!


Good stretch, mom!

Question: What’s your next race? What distance do you prefer 5k, 10k, half, full marathon? Why?

My next race is the Fox Cities Half Marathon. 10k’s are becoming my favorite distance. Long enough to get into the run, short enough to do some sprinting. 


4 thoughts on “Race Recap: New PR!

    • Good for you! I wish I would’ve worked my way up instead of down (I started with a half marathon). Are you doing the 5 mile Turkey Trot? I’m thinking of signing my husband and I up for the trot too. Running in the morning is a good way to start a day of eating!

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