Sights in the City

I’ve lived in my city for about a year now. I grew up close by, so I was slightly familiar with the area. What I knew of the city previously? It stinks, literally, because of the paper mills. Thankfully, we bought a house as far away from the mill as you can get. I smell cow manure more than the paper mill, which I will take.  When I run, I usually stick to familiar routes around my neighborhood. Today, I decided to do some exploring on the other side of town after my group fitness class.

Rise and shine! Centergy was awesome this morning, as always. I can do many of the routines on my own now, as I’ve memorized the moves. I’ve tried to find some of the songs on google music so I can do the routines at home too.



Then I changed and headed out for my run.


-non-slip headband from BandItHeadbands

Asics Women’s ARD top

Koss Fitclips (that I won on Facebook!)

-VOGO running shorts from TJ Maxx

Women’s Champion running low cut socks

-Mizuno Wave Elixir 8’s

Flipbelt (under my shirt)

-Garmin Forerunner 10

My town is hilly which is great for building some endurance. My half marathon next month is relatively flat, but I figure throwing in some hills here and there can’t hurt.

Did you know? 


I ran past this park where someone spelled out “1 in 5 teens abuse Rx drugs” with red solo cups. Interesting.


A look over the bridge. My city has many dams, which are kinda pretty on a nice day.


I also ran past this painted mural. Can’t imagine how long it look to paint all that! It was a good run, though I struggled to get into until the second mile.

Splits: (1) 9:28 (2) 9:12 (3) 9:08 (4) 9:29

Miles: 4.22

Time: 39:15

Avg. min/mile: 9:18

I didn’t have a set number of miles for today, just what felt good. It was great to see another part of the city on foot!


On the food front, Amazon came a knockin’ yesterday and left this at our doorstep {translation, I bought it}. I’m really excited to get started dehydrating foods! Since we’ve been going to farmers markets more often, I sometimes end up with more fruits/veggies than we can eat before they go bad. My first attempt will be making zucchini chips. Crossing my fingers they turn out!

Question: Do you like running new routes or sticking to familiar ones? Do you dehydrate foods? Any tips/tricks I should know?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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