Another edition of What I Ate Wednesday via Jenn at Peas and Crayons!

WIAW is about food and fun! It’s about making new friends, breaking out of a food rut, noting changes in your diet/lifestyle, inspiring yourself & others, embracing fruit & vegetables, nourishing your body with the foods that work for you, finding new ways to eat your favorite foods, and so. much. more. – Jenn

Last Friday I had off of work so I met my husband for lunch at Mel’s Coffee House & Cafe. It’s a cute little place with nostalgic decor. The owner was super accommodating and much of the menu was customizable. Salads, sandwiches, and wraps made up most of the menu. I had the creamy chicken with grapes & almonds wrap and hubby had the seafood wrap. They were HUGE! I ate about half the actual wrap and then ate the filling on its own. We both ordered iced coffee. His was peanut butter chocolate and mine was raspberry chocolate. Loved my iced coffee, didn’t even need any creamer/sugar (and I always put creamer in my morning cup of joe).

2013-08-30 12.20.06

Creamy chicken with grapes & almonds wrap

2013-08-30 12.19.58

Mr. GYK’s seafood wrap

Other eats this week included peanut butter popcorn via Julie at Pbfingers (view recipe here). Heat up 1/4 cup of peanut butter and mix with a little honey and cinnamon. Very good and filling.

2013-09-02 16.06.33

I’ve been loving Blue Bunny White Chocolate Raspberry froyo for dessert lately. I add 1/2 cup of frozen raspberries to the top for some added fiber. Yum!

2013-09-02 19.46.43

I’ve also gotten on a dehydrating kick. This week I dehydrated zucchini with parmesan cheese and sweet potatoes sprinkled with cinnamon. I left them both in the dehydrator over night (~12 hrs) and the sweet potatoes were way over cooked. It was only one potato, so not a big deal. I’ll be trying those buggers again soon. The zucchini turned out perfectly though! They are crispy and flavorful.

2013-08-31 06.02.52

This week is different meal wise with school starting. I had to pack my lunch again, ahhh! It was really nice in summer to eat a little something when I woke up, run, and then have a green monster smoothie to celebrate post run success. Now I have to get back to planning ahead and packing my lunch the night before.

Last year I packed and ate the same thing for lunch every day. My goal this year is to mix it up and pack more veggies. There will be days ahead where I will need to pack snacks, lunch, and more snacks for late meetings after school (i.e., IEP season). Sometimes it’s hard to anticipate how much and what food I will want and need. I am still tracking my fiber and testing myself, but my usual go-to lunch was a whole wheat wrap with laughing cow cheese wedge, hard boiled egg, avocado, and sunflower seeds, and greek yogurt. There are days I know I don’t eat enough at work because I’ll come home starving and eat whatever I can throw together. This is another reason I need to get better with dinner planning. It makes things so much easier when you plan ahead and have all the ingredients on hand.

Food Goals for This School Year

  • Diverse lunches with veggies/fruit
  • Healthy snacks (i.e., banana w/ PB, veggies, Kashi chewy bars, almonds)
  • Snack between breakfast/lunch and snack after school day is done to prevent feeling starved upon coming home
  • Plan MEALS, real MEALS (i.e., not oatmeal or toast)
  • Use intuitive eating within reason (plan ahead, but be flexible)

I will update on how I’m doing with these goals as my year gets going.

Do you eat the same thing for lunch everyday? Where do you get inspiration from for different dinners?


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