Taper Time

2013-09-04 09.06.28

More about running. What else, right?

Actually, that’s the first bulletin board I put together in my speech classroom. Not the best, but give me a little credit as there’s not actually a bulletin board there, just a wall. I’m going to have the kiddos write on paper marshmallows and add them to the sticks. We can’t actually eat s’mores at school because of (obv) lack of a fire and the “no sweets” policy.

I was excited to see the PaceSetters newsletter awaiting me yesterday. The opening article highlighted how it’s now time to taper and be okay with where we are physically at this point before fall races. Tapering is fine with me right now, as my days are a little busier. While I’m still running, I’m not running as many miles as I was a month ago.

2013-09-04 16.49.24

Running newsletter. All things running. Yah!

As I was watching Extreme Weight Loss (season finale :() Tuesday night, I heard this great quote by my boy, Chris Powell.

This got me thinking. With tapering being my focus right now and the half marathon coming up (2 weeks from Sunday!), what the heck am I going to do afterwards?! I’ve done a million times better this go around with training, but I’ve never gone past the training. I’ve never incorporated running into my life without having a future goal or race in mind. I was pondering these thoughts and then heard Chris’ quote above. I know too much now about how great I feel to ever go back to my sedentary lifestyle. It’s just not an option. I can doubt myself and worry that I’ll give it up. But that wouldn’t do me any good. It’s kind of like running. During my run today, I was doubting if I could finish strong without walking and then I just made up my mind. Done. Not quitting. It’s just not an option.

         2013-09-03 17-1.10.18   2013-09-03 17-1.10.06

Doesn’t hurt to have this beautiful trail so close to my house either. I most likely won’t run as far when I’m done with the half marathon, but I will continue to run. For one, I’m running the Brewers 10k the following Saturday and two, more importantly, it’s just not an option. Runners don’t just give up. We persevere, yo.

Another reason and more motivation to keep running, is this little black “pebble” attached to my left shoe. My husband’s work supplied the pebbles, really cool looking pedometers, to encourage more active lifestyles. I can set how many steps per day I want to achieve. It has little green lights that glow and once they’re all lit up, I’ve reached my goal for the day (10,000 steps). The current challenge is to earn the most running steps from September through November. Bring it on Mr. GYK. You’re going down.

2013-09-04 17.30.37

So while I could worry and fret that I’ll stop running after my races this fall, I’m just going to believe in myself instead. 

Are you doing any fall races? How’s your training going? Do you continue to run through the fall/winter?


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