Here’s to…

It’s Saturday! So raise your coffee, tea, water, green monster (no? just me?), beer or wine high in the air and repeat after me!

Here’s to…running hills when you could’ve taken the flat road.


Here’s to…doing it for ME.

Here’s to…finishing strong.

Here’s to…appreciating what our bodies and minds can accomplish.


Here’s to…completing things we only ever dreamed about before.


Here’s to…nourishing our bodies with healthy foods. 

2013-09-05 18.08.14

Here’s to…indulging once in a while and not feeling guilty about it.

2013-09-05 19.05.18

Here’s to…embracing ourselves and those around us for who we are.

Here’s to…doing it because I CAN not because I HAVE to.

Here’s to…ME. 

Here’s to…YOU.


Your turn! Finish this sentence “Here’s to…”

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