Candy Corn, Running, & We Cut the Cord {MIMM4}

 Is it Monday already? Hope everyone had a great weekend! Doesn’t get much better than Packer season starting, does it? At least not in Wisconsin :).

It’s link up time to Marvelous in My Monday via Katie at Healthy Diva Eats!

Marvelous is…that fall is right around the corner. I know most bloggers are with me on the greatness of all things pumpkin (check out Jill Conyers post on 25 healthy pumpkin recipes, yum!), football, Halloween candy, and cooler running weather. Just happens to be my favorite season. Look what I found already! Candy corn overload.

2013-09-05 16.08.08

Marvelous is…running 7.7 miles solo. I love group running, but am happy I can run on my own too.

2013-09-07 09.17.27-1

Sweaty selfie is a must, no?

2013-09-07 07.56.41

And a shoe selfie too, obv.

Marvelous is…Pro Compression socks after a long run. I heart you.

2013-09-07 11.22.58

Speaking of a million dollars…someone actually won a million dollars from the lottery at the local Express station we go to all the time. I guess we have to start buying lottery tickets more often. Like even when the lottery isn’t at the “highest it’s ever been.”

Marvelous is...the half marathon is 2 weeks away!!! Just found out my bib number, 5402. In 4/5 races I’ve had even numbers on bibs. I’m not really superstitious, but I like receiving even numbers.

2012-09-21 18.03.21

Last year’s bib, an even number, my good luck charm.

Marvelous is…saving money. We cut the cord, cable cord that is. As someone who thought I couldn’t survive without cable television, I’m doing just fine (I know you were worried, right?). Though I missed the Miley performance at the VMAs…oh wait, I didn’t want to see that anyways, I’m okay with having regular old antenna TV. I am still surprised they just broadcast these channels for free. Seriously?! Why weren’t we doing this a long time ago? We generally only watch the major networks anyways and we subscribed to Hulu Plus so I can catch up on any shows I miss. We’re paying half as much a month (still have the internet, obviously) and I’m not watching TV as much!

This week I’m continuing to taper, so not too many miles are on the schedule. The “long” run is only 5 miles, what a change! I actually get to do speech therapy this week! Yah! Have a marvelous week friends!

What’s your favorite fall food?

Do you have cable or do you subscribe to Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime for movies/shows?

Anyone else looking forward to fall shows starting? Which ones? 


6 thoughts on “Candy Corn, Running, & We Cut the Cord {MIMM4}

  1. Favorite fall food: Pumpkin anything!! We do have cable (basic) and Netflix. I like flipping through all the channels late at night when I can’t sleep…lol I can’ t say I have any shows that I really watch regularly. Well, actually, I do watch Duck Dynasty…but I think that’s it!

    • I watched Duck Dynasty once just to see what all the hype was about and it was pretty funny! I made my first pumpkin baked good yesterday, white chocolate chip pumpkin muffins…and they’re half gone already.

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