What I’m Loving Lately {Food Edition}

Hope everyone is having a great week! I’ve been crazy busy with meetings at work. No breaks for this SLPeep. I wish I could spend all my time with my kiddos doing speech therapy rather than sitting in meetings. Just a part of the job though. I try to remind myself how much I love what I do and it puts things in perspective. 🙂

I missed the “official” What I Ate Wednesday yesterday because I posted the recap of the half marathon. Instead I’m highlighting some of my favorite eats lately!

oatscollageI have and will always love oatmeal. I get pretty excited when my peanut butter containers get low so that I can make oatmeal in a jar. Some blogs feature overnight oats, but I’m not a fan of cold oatmeal. I like my oatmeal nice and warm any time of the year. It goes perfectly with a hot cup of coffee. My favorite way to eat oatmeal is with 1 TB of chia seeds and a scoop of peanut butter mixed in (and pumpkin butter, but I ran out :().


Festival Foods recently had Kind bars on sale for 99¢ so I snatched up a bunch. I’ve tried the peanut butter dark chocolate and dark chocolate cherry varieties in the past, but this gave me the opportunity to try a bunch of new flavors. My favorites have been pomegranate blueberry pistachio and blueberry vanilla & cashew. I snack on one of these between breakfast and lunch most days.


I celebrated my half marathon finish last Sunday with a sub from Quiznos. I ordered the bacon club with veggies and honey mustard. It was not quite as tasty as the sweet taste of victory, but a close second. 🙂 It definitely hit the spot after the race.


I’ve been majorly slacking with meal planning. I really need to devote time each week to making a plan because more often than not lately we’ve just been eating “whatever.” When these nights happen I usually make an egg white sandwich on a bagel thin with bacon or ham and a wedge of laughing cow. It’s easy, quick and satisfying!


One of my favorite snacks lately has been Back to Nature’s Sweet Potato and Cinnamon crackers with a wedge of cinnamon cream cheese spread from the Laughing Cow.


Another favorite snack is my homemade apple chips with cinnamon. I dehydrate fruits and/or veggies a couple times a week. I’ve saved SO much more produce since we bought the dehydrator. I used to throw away produce when it went bad. Now I either freeze it or dehydrate it if I think we won’t eat it before it goes bad. Yah for saving money!

cookiesCan’t forget about desserts, can we? I have some type of dessert usually with every dinner. My favorites lately have been these Oatmeal Apple Cinnamon cookies from Festival Foods {hey, they have an “Eat Well” label, so healthy right?}. OMG. These are so good. They are soft, chewy, and dense just like a cookie should be.


Do I need to say much more than there are mini marshmallows in the ice cream!!! You know how much I love mini things! If I had to pick one ice cream to eat for the rest of my life, this would be it.

On the food front, I’ve been feeling good lately. I haven’t discovered any new foods that give my stomach trouble. I still watch portion sizes for some potentially problematic foods like apples and almonds (I follow a most low-FODMAP diet). I try to limit the amount of bread I eat. I’ve drastically cut out a lot of bread at meals. For the most part my breakfast is usually oatmeal, lunch a spinach & quinoa salad, and dinner chicken/veggies. This is what is making me feel good at the moment.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday, friends! After this busy week I am ready to head out of town for the Brewers 10K race in Milwaukee. It will be much needed.

Do you eat the same thing for most meals or mix it up? What’s your favorite dessert? Do you believe in indulging a little everyday or a lot one day?

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