Keep Calm and Just Run

keep calm

Finally got a good run in last night. As of lately, it’s been all work and no play for this girl. This weekend will be much needed for a little RnR. It felt SO good to run I can’t even tell you. Since March, I have been running consistently without taking more than a couple days off. We ran the Fox Cities Half Marathon on September 22nd and then the Brewers 10k on September 28. I decided to take a couple days off from running this week, which turned into a couple days off from everything. Some days, it’s hard to get home after a long day, make dinner, and then get out there (which by now means after dark). I’m a strong believer in scheduling my workouts so that it’s a non-negotiable. However, I also need to be flexible and give myself a break every now and again!

I’ve learned and accepted that, at times, I need to take a break from exercising. I would like to emphasize “break” and not “giving up.” I don’t need to feel bad about myself or begin to self-doubt. I used to beat myself up and feel like a failure every time I would head home instead of heading to the gym. I’ve learned over time that rest days are needed, no need to feel bad about that. Many times our bodies tell us this information to keep us going, we just have to listen!

Even though I took four days off, it felt like an eternity from what I’m used to running. My body felt good last night and I was able to push myself. Doing something physical gives me that much needed mental break from the rest of the world. It’s just me and the road. There’s really nothing better.

Oct3I look at running and going to the gym as an investment in my physical health as well as my mental health. I’m more alert, have more energy, and can think so much clearer after exercising. It just makes me feel good!

I hope everyone has a chance to hit the road this weekend, not for a road trip, but for running! Invest in yourself, your physical health, and your mental health. We’re worth it.

390608_3025366750665_1157654785_3309870_1578087018_nAre you running or exercising this weekend? Do you ever have self-doubt about exercising consistently?

16 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Just Run

  1. Nikki, I’m training for my first marathon and I’m ready for it. I had my last long run last weekend and will be tapering down from here on. I have to admit, I love to run and get excited to hit the road however, I’m ready for a little break. My weekends have been consumed with running and since I work all week (as a teacher) I’m pooped. I just want a weekend off! 🙂
    Just do it, your body will thank you and you’ll be stronger because of your break!

    • Your first marathon, that’s so great to hear! I’ve contemplated a marathon, but am thinking of sticking with half marathons for now. I’m an SLP in a school, so I hear you about being busy! We all need a little break once and while.

  2. Running definitely makes me feel good. I do have self-doubt sometimes especilaly when I get started back up but you just gotta work through it and remember it is so great for you.

    • I try to look at it as a break and not quitting, but sometimes it’s hard. I definitely feel a difference in my legs after I take a little break. Then I’m reminded of how much I love running!

  3. Loved and needed to see this! Just found your blog today.. I do not work until 430 today and felt “lazy” for not working out today however planned this as my rest day before my 15 miler tomorrow.. Why am I beating myself up over a planned rest day to better my legs for a kick ass long run tomorrow? This helped me re-center and feel better 🙂

  4. I’ve been out with an injury and miss my running SOOO MUCH! Even though I’ve been keeping up with strength training and cross training, nothing compares to the feeling you get from some good miles – physically & mentally. Totally understand what your saying!

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more that we need to take time off from our workouts. It does us good physically, mentally and emotionally. We sometimes feel like we will lose something, but when we come back we are usually actually stronger!

    Oh and Nikki I love your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Award.
    Check out everything required at my latest post



  6. I haven’t been out running for 4 days now, and I’ve told myself I cannot go out for another 3 days.
    I’ve just took up jogging, well in June. I’m not good at all!! But I’m determined. I’ve started a plan, so that’s what I’m blogging about… Last time I went out it felt like my shins had a good kick-in. Hence the week break I’ve told myself I have to have. Its so frustrating but I know I shouldn’t be going out.
    So I know where your coming from, and its nice to see mental health recognised. Good physical health, good mental health!
    Was nice to read your blog! I wish I could run your miles!

    • Good for you, Kerrie! It’s a tough to take a break, because we fear we’ll lose what we’ve been working so hard for. But sometimes that’s just what we need to do so that we can continue to kick butt! I’m fearing the winter months a little right now, but hoping to run outside no matter the temperature. We’ll see how that goes 🙂 Happy running!

  7. Been there… am there… I feel ya. I’ve taken a lot more breaks this training cycle than I have ever before though because I recognize the importance of rest and knowing when my body is asking me to slow down.

    Great post and great insight!

  8. Listen to your body!! I was injured and no running for 6 weeks (happily I’m back at it now!) but had I not listened to my body it could have been worse.

    Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday!

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