And the Beat Goes On…

I am always looking for new music to run to. At times, some of my motivation to run comes from just wanting to hear my new songs! I’ve subscribed to google music, which has virtually any song you could possibly want to hear. It’s really easy to make multiple playlists and sync the playlist with my phone. I mostly like current/upbeat music to listen to while running. I can run without music, I just strongly prefer to run with it.  

I listen and look for new songs on Billboard, other blogs, or music from my fitness classes (i.e., Centergy, Core, Zumba). Where I don’t look for new music? Spinning classes at my gym. The instructor does “his own thing”, no program to follow like Les Mills RPM, so his music is his taste. His spin classes are always a mix of oldies and country; not my favorite to spin it out to.

Running Playlist October ’13

We Own the Night The Wanted – Don’t judge, it’s a good song!

She Doesn’t Mind Sean Paul – A song that was on one of our group core releases.

I’m all Yours Jay Sean – I’ve always loved Jay Sean {even though he’s kinda fallen off the music scene}

Fight For You Jason Derulo – One of the Centergy songs from the first release I did.

Best I Ever Had Gavin DeGraw – LOVE this song!!

I Will Wait Mumford & Sons –  Not new, but I haven’t heard it in a while and am loving it.

Yesterday, I listened to many of these songs as I ran 2 miles before group core class. I’m loving the combination of cardio and strength training within an hour (core is a 30 minute class). I’m feeling great today! Ready to take on the world!

2013-10-21 16.39.28Have a great Tuesday! To my fellow Wisconsinites- stay warm by sweatin’ out! 🙂

What are your favorite new songs to work out/run to?


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