Cold Weather Running Gear Must Haves

runninggearAs the weather has made her switch to colder, frosty mornings, I have had to change up my running gear. This is my first fall/winter running, as I’m still a newbie. After reading up on cold weather running gear “must haves”, I’ve come up with my own list. These are the items I swear by and run with religiously in the cold!

1) Asics PR Shelter Headwarmer

In my opinion, a headwarmer is the way to go since it keeps your ears warm while allowing heat to escape through your head. Even though the air feels chilly when you first step out the door, your body warms up quickly and you don’t want to be sweating 2 miles into your run.

2) Asics Women’s Quinn Jacket

I ordered this jacket a while ago from Amazon when it was on sale. It’s really warm, but not heavy feeling. I have been loving it for chilly morning runs.

3) Flipbelt 


(under my jacket) Not necessarily a “cold weather” accessory only, but it’s a product that I truly love! I’ve had one since last spring and I never run without it. I’m weird about having too many things on my wrists and arms, so the fact that this allows me to have my arms free is awesome. I also love that I don’t have to worry about it falling down. I had a hard time finding an armband that wouldn’t slide down because my arms are kinda small (workin’ on it 🙂 ). This is the perfect solution. It comes in lots of fun colors and fits my phone, money, FOB for my car, and fuel for long runs. (P.S. Fashion tip: Please don’t wear this over your clothes. It looks hideous that way. It’s meant to mimic the band of your pants or a belt people!)

4) Garmin Forerunner 10

A must have for any running weather really. I love my Garmin Forerunner 10. It’s simple enough, yet tells me exactly what I need and want to know! It does take usually 2-3 minutes to find the satellites before a run, but I’m usually warming up then anyways. This has been essential in improving my pace. When I started seriously running this past spring, I remember thinking I was “comfortable” at a 10:30 min/mile pace. Now my “comfortable” pace is around 9:00 min/mile. It’s amazing what training with a GPS watch can do for you!

5) Nike Women’s Epic Run Tight

I absolutely love these running tights. They’re so comfortable and keep me warm in cold weather. I can picture myself logging many miles in these tights. I see they’re $85 now. Believe me, I love running gear, but did not pay that much!

6) Fingerless Gloves

I picked up fingerless gloves at the Dollar Tree for the Fox Cities half marathon in September, thinking I’d toss them along the way. However, I ended up really liking them! I tend to get hot then cold, then hot again so these are perfect for cold weather running. They keep my palms warm while letting some heat out of my fingertips. And if I lose them or toss them, I don’t care because they’re so cheap!

7) Mizuno Wave Exlixir 8s

These are my very first pair of running shoes. I curse the day I will have to retire them. We’ve been through a lot of miles together and hopefully there are a lot more miles in our future. Unfortunately, I forsee myself needing a new pair in the spring. I’ll continue to love them this winter while I still can, as they’ve been discontinued. 😦

I could ramble on about my favorite running things for hours, but I’ll spare you and leave you with this- Invest in yourself this weekend. Be a #WeekendWorkoutWarrior. Be thankful to MOVE, SWEAT, and just BE. {have a great weekend!}

What are your running must haves in the cold?

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14 thoughts on “Cold Weather Running Gear Must Haves

  1. Thank you for this post! I was going to come home tonight and start researching! I just moved from TX to VA and have a race out in CA in late January. I have found just these past couple weeks that I have ZERO cold weather clothes! I love the jacket! Fingers crossed about the shoes, I feel the same way about mine.

  2. Great post! I ran through the winter last year which was a totally new thing for me but I absolutely loved it! Remembering to grab your headband (to cover your ears) or gloves is something I need to start remembering to do again now.

    Question on your Flip Belt, do you worry about stuff falling out? I have a Spi Belt which I really like for the zipper but if I put more than a couple things in there I feel like I have this giant thing bouncing around.

    Thanks for joining the link-up, just please remember to link back! 🙂

    • You don’t have to worry about things falling out (even though it doesn’t zip) because it’s lays tight against your body. Once you flip it over its “locked” into place. I usually don’t carry a ton of stuff, so if you have a lot it’s probably not the best. For what I need though- phone, fuel, FOB, it’s perfect!

  3. This is all great gear! I am really enjoying the cold weather right now as I run. It makes for a tougher warm up, but I’m so much more comfortable in my middle miles.

    I use pretty much the same types of stuff you do, just some different brands. I agree though, my Garmin watch has helped with my training beyond what I could have imagined!!

    • I agree, the middle miles are much more enjoyable once I’ve warmed up. I used to just run with RunKeeper, not really understanding why I would need a watch. Now I don’t run without it!

    • It’s about keeping the extremeties warm, right? I’ve found that as I get further into my run, my hands warm up a lot and then sweat, so I like something that lets a little heat out. I’ll probably completely change my mind in winter, but right now this is what’s working for me!

  4. I’m so wimpy! The weather, hot or cold is too much of a deterrent to me (and dogs). I’m just in indoor exerciser, so I’m lucky I have a complete home gym. I think I would need the tips on my gloves though. It’s the tips (and nose and toes) that freeze when I’m cold.

  5. One reason I love your blog is you aren’t ashamed of being a newbie runner, and having to figure stuff out for the first time – I so relate to that! While it doesn’t get all that cold on Houston, I am very thin and so I feel the cold – and it feels painful (I cannot imagine how people manage where it snows!) The gloves are a real necessity, my fingers go numb and then begin to hurt. I ran last winter in a nylon windbreaker, and could never find the happy medium between sweating and freezing, so I will be shopping for something better this time around. I am waiting for my first pair of running tights to arrive, found a killer deal on Amazon (hope the quality isn’t the reason they were so cheap!) and I go with a light wool beanie, because it breathes well but still keeps my ears warm. Great post, thanks for sharing your discoveries!

    • I’ll probably always consider myself a newbie, as there’s always more to learn! I will definitely be using trial and error for figuring out what to wear when it gets colder. The wind in WI can be brutal some days. I love finding deals on Amazon! Sometimes the prices change so quickly you just have to take a chance. Hope yours work out. I love running in the tights, so comfortable.

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