Four Things Friday

Because, well, my brain is a little fried today and I couldn’t think of five. So, four it is.

I’m starting the happy dance because though it’s been a great week, it’s also been exhausting. After sitting through a conference all day yesterday, I’m feeling a bit restless today. We drove 2 hours to the conference, sat through four presentations, and then drove the 2 hours back. I hate having to sit for so long. But, I did learn some great new ideas for assistive technology, so in the end it’s worth it!OMG--OMG

1) My workouts this week consisted of Core, Centergy, and walking. Yes, it slightly killed me to walk and not run, but I held myself back from testing out my knee quite yet. Though it sucks not being able to run like I used to right now, I’m just happy to be able to exercise. I am planning on doing a short run this weekend outside (3 miles?) and see how it feels. I have been stretching, foam rolling, and doing some hip strengthening exercises. Crossing my fingers it helps!

2013-09-04 17.30.37

2) I got an awesome email last week! I am a new Sweat Pink Ambassador!  Fit Approach was founded by two lovely ladies on a mission to build a healthy community. This healthy living community is supportive and all about being the strong, confident, ambitious women who sweat hard. I’m excited for this great avenue to meet and connect with other fellow bloggers. I’m still exploring and learning the capabilities of the website, but I’m loving it so far! Sweat pink ladies (and guys too:))!


3) Sunday nights are one of my favorite nights because of the weekly twitter chats. If you haven’t joined #Vegrunchat at 8pm (central time) every Sunday night, think about it! I love talking running and veggies, so there’s no better place to do that than on Vegrunchat! I was lucky enough to win a sample pack of Larabars last week! I’ve had extremely good luck so far with twitter giveaways (knock on wood) so I’m crossing my fingers my luck continues. Now come on new Puma outfit!!


4) I loved this article, “Jim’s Last Group Run.” I am grateful to be a part of a running community in the Fox Cities. Fellow local runners have been nothing but supportive here. This article brought a tear to my eye thinking about the comradery of running. How touching to honor Jim in the only way that was really fitting. Run in peace now, Jim.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. Remember to MOVE, SWEAT, and just be.

Any fellow Sweat pink sisters reading? Coolest thing you ever won? What’s your workout going to be this weekend?


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22 thoughts on “Four Things Friday

    • Twitter chats involve a bunch of people tweeting about a topic with a particular hashtag at the same time (i.e., #runchat, #vegrunchat). Typically, the moderator asks the questions and you respond and chat with other people who are participating. Many of the chats giveaway prizes! I have no idea how I win- I’ve just been lucky lately! 🙂

  1. Congrats on becoming a Sweat Pink Ambassador! How exciting. 🙂

    That article/picture has been all over, and I’m so glad. To me, it really shows the way that runners embrace each other. Jim was a part of the running group that I’ve run with a few times, and am getting ready to train with again, but I did not personally know him. It doesn’t matter though, because his life (and death) have really touched every runner I know.

  2. I just sent in my application to be an ambassador after talking to another blogger who loves it. Glad to see I’m not alone in thinking it looks like a good community. Thanks for sharing

  3. Welcome to the SPA’s, I seriously love the great group of women that make up this group. So many fabulous and inspiring individuals in the program! I look forward to keeping up with you through your blog:) Congrats on your win! It’s such an awesome feeling to win something:) If your interested in hosting a giveaway on your own blog, I’m hosting a large blog hop fitness giveaway, if your interested you can find out more info on my blog:)

  4. Don’t worry if you can’t run like you used to, just yet. You are being so smart allowing your body to heal…it will pay off. Foam rolling is so helpful, I was just doing that yesterday thinking about how I love that kind of pain 🙂
    Welcome to the Sweat Pink Family, it’s been fun for me so far. Make sure to order your free pink shoe laces !

    • Thanks for the advice. 🙂 I’m trying not to let in get in my head that I “can’t” run right now. I’m just hoping it heals quickly. Thanks for the welcome! I will order those shoelaces, thanks for the reminder!

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