Getting Familiar with IT Band Syndrome

This past week I did my best to rest my body from running while still getting my work outs in. I did primarily group core and group centergy. I walked on the treadmill once for 2.5 miles. Other than that, I refrained from any type of running.

Thinking this would help with my IT band syndrome, I set out for 3 miles on Saturday morning. I mentally prepared for needing to walk and decided to alternate walking and running. I made it about a mile before I had to stop and walk due to knee pain. After a week of rest, the pain has unfortunately not gotten any better.

2013-11-16 08.18.50I’ve been doing research, as I know IT band syndrome is common with runners. Here’s what I’ve come up with for potential solutions.

1) Stop running – Although I’ve read some conflicting information. I’ve read to stop, as sharp pain is never a good type of pain. I’ve also read that resting the IT band will not heal it, that I need to actively recover to let the tendon heal by cross training, stretching, etc.

2) Foam roll– Thank you for the many suggestions last week to foam roll. I have the Trigger Point Performance the Grid foam roller and have been using it almost every day.

2013-11-16 09.05.51

3) New shoes– I bought my first “real” pair of running shoes last March and haven’t switched them since. I only have the one pair, so old shoes may be contributing to my injury. I stopped by my local running store and they suggested to get a new pair. My Mizuno Wave Elixirs have roughly 300 miles on them and are starting to wear on the bottom. The attendant suggested to stick with what has been working for me and not try a new shoe if I’ve been happy with the Elixir. Unfortunately, the Elixir has been discontinued so she showed me the replacement, Mizuno Wave Sayonara.

mizunosI ended up purchasing the Sayonara because it’s probably time for a new pair. However, it’s hard to judge the Sayonara because I can’t just go take them for run right now. My favorite part about the Elixir is the flexible toe box. I can wiggle my toes because it’s so stretchy. The Sayonara does not have that same quality and my feet felt a little tight in the toe box. Once I got them home and had more time to think about it, I decided I’m going to “wave sayonara” to the Sayonaras and order the same pair of Wave Elixir 8s online. I would love to support our local running shop, but I need to go with what works best for me and I did find my size online (the store was out of my size at both locations).

My luck just keeps rolling. I entered the Fit Approach Sweepstakes and Friday night I found out I won a pair of Pro Compression socks!! I already own a pair, so I know how awesome they are during and after long runs. They literally feel like someone is giving your legs a hug. I have the marathon sock in neon yellow. I bought a size S/M (7-11 shoe size), but feel that they could be tighter. This time I ordered a XS (4-7 shoe size) in the black argyle marathon sock. I’m so excited to get them! #keepittight

9301468_origI spent the rest of my weekend keeping up my #WeekendWorkoutWarrior routine with group core and group centergy classes.

2013-11-16 09.33.21I also spent some QT with this little guy, Murphy. He just melts my heart when he’s sleepy and curled up under our recliner. Dogs can live forever, right? Because I can’t imagine not having him around.

2013-11-16 20.59.02Have a great Monday by checking out my fellow HLB’s marvelous Mondays at Healthy Diva Eats!

Do you wear compression socks? Anyone else dealing with an injury or ITBS? Any advice?

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15 thoughts on “Getting Familiar with IT Band Syndrome

  1. Man, you are the giveaway queen! How awesome. I’ve been thinking about trying some ProCompression socks. I have Zensah compression sleeve, and I love them. I need a second pair of something compression wise though because I feel like I can only wear them once or twice before they need to be washed.

    I’m sorry that your knee pain has not faded any. 😦 That is a bummer. Hopefully all the things you’ve learned through your research will help. I’ve been experiencing some dull, achy hip pain during and after my long runs (I’m thinking some form of bursitis) and really need to do some more research too.

    • I was thinking about getting a second pair too. I like to wear a pair for races, but then like a clean pair post race or long run. I’m doing lots of foam rolling and stretching, so I’m hoping for the best! I really miss those long runs though.

  2. I have had more than my fair share of IT band issues this year. The thing that helped me the most was going to the chiropractor. He treated the symptoms but also analyzed my running form and Gabe me exercises to help strengthen my weak stabilizer muscles and correct my muscle imbalances. Good luck!

    • Thanks for the info! I’m hoping I don’t need to seek medical help, but we’ll see how far I can get on my own. I definitely need to work on my form which is likely the culprit along with weak glute/hip muscles.

      • I had this and the weak glutes were the culprit. Buy some therabands. There are tons of exercises shown on Youtube. I recommend “Monster walks”. Side leg lifts and clamshells are also good. When the inflammation subsides people can usually start to run, but only run up to the point where you get discomfort. Stop immediately if you have any pain. This might only be 1/2 mile to a mile the first time back. Build back up from there. Good luck!

  3. Ooh, compression socks are great! Yes, IT bands can take more than one week to recover, unfortunately. Sounds like you’re doing all the right things.

  4. First you are doing a lot of GREAT things to start. I am a Physical Therapist & treat ITBand patients regularly and its common for them to have a few different deficits.
    1. Stretch your ITBand & Hamstrings & Piriformis – foam rolling is AWESOME but you need to stretch those massaged muscles and target the correct groups.
    2. Strengthen your gluts – Like Bonnie said weak gluts are often associated. not only gluteus maximus but medius… glut max does hip extension with your knee bent (think donkey kicks, focus on control from hip and not extension of your back)… glut med does hip abduction – side stepping, side kicks, all that lateral motion and lateral burn is glut med (bring in monster walks, side steps, side squats, lateral lunges…)
    3. work your balance – often road runners get ITband due to running on an embanked road so muscles are works out of whack, adding balance exercises really challenges the whole lower chain to increase stability in those unstable running situations (think single leg stance – try standing on foam if it is too easy, or using weight and arm movements to challenge it further – even doing biceps curls while standing on one leg!)
    4. focus on your core – it sounds like you are already doing a lot of good core work but make sure you’re strengthening it from the inner muscles up. Start with some simple transverse abdominus training, add bridging, bridging with a march, stability ball bridging and planks planks PLANKS!
    If you need help finding good stretches/exercises don’t hesitate to ask! I can easily send you some exercises =)

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