Rollin’ With My Foamie

We’ve unknowingly settled into a nice little weekend routine around here. Friday nights are for watching Shark Tank (Did you see the cute Grace and Lace boot socks? Adorable!), Saturdays include a morning run, group core, cleaning the house, shopping, and renting a movie (this week it was “Man of Steel”), and Sundays finish off the weekend with group centergy, grocery shopping, and watching the Packers. We mix up our weekends, don’t get me wrong, but usually this is how it goes. And I kinda love it. It’s relaxing, yet I feel I get a good amount of things accomplished.

2013-11-22 10.21.32This weekend was very much like my typical weekend. I had been watching the forecast this week and was anticipating a potential indoor run. However, I sucked it up and bundled myself up to head outside for 2 miles on Friday.

After much debate and testing, I’ve decided to change my running shoe. My beloved Mizuno Wave Elixirs were working, but now with my IT band problems, I feel more support is needed. I’ve read many articles and websites that say otherwise- and I get that. But I really feel each individual person needs to do what’s best for them at that time. So maybe my Mizunos were working for me, but now things have changed and I feel less pain running in the Saucony Guide 7s. I’ve read that too much support isn’t good, but honestly, I just want to run. Whether that means more or less support, I don’t really care as long as it gets me on the road, errr treadmill (most likely for the next couple months).

2013-11-23 08.22.59I took the Saucony’s for a run around the block and then did a couple miles on the treadmill on Saturday. I still have IT band pain and knee pain, but I’m taking walk breaks and only doing what I can handle. I’m going slow, foam rolling, massaging, stretching and icing. Happy to report my knee has felt less sore after a couple miles! Can I go out and run 5 miles? No, not yet, but it’s a step in the right direction I feel. My hubby said he’d walk/run the Turkey Trot with me on Thanksgiving which makes me feel a lot better. Usually, we run at different paces, so we don’t run together. It will be nice to have him by my side for the trot. 🙂

It always makes things a little more entertaining to watch Shark Tank reruns on Hulu Plus while on the treadmill.

2013-11-23 08.22.29Rollin’ with my foamie.

foamrollingAfter my walk/run I went to group core Saturday morning. It’s only 30 minutes, but it’s pretty intense for those minutes. I love it.

2013-11-23 09.34.38Sunday morning I went to Centergy and am getting excited to do the training in January! I’m looking forward to sharing my love of the class with others. It’s truly an amazing class to take for runners who have tight muscles (Ahem, like me :)).

This week is a short one with Thanksgiving and the day after off. It also happens to be my birthday on Friday, so it should be a good week! Check out other marvelous Mondays at Healthy Diva Eats!

Outside or treadmill running in winter? What works for you, more or less support in running shoes?

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14 thoughts on “Rollin’ With My Foamie

  1. I prefer to run outside than to run on a treadmill. I did a cold (felt like 13 according to my weather app) 5 miles on Sunday and felt great! I’m hoping to have enough of the right gear to make it through the Michigan winter without having to run inside.

    Glad to see you’re running again and with less pain!

    • You are a trouper! 13 is pretty cold and the wind just makes it so much worse. It’s so nice to be outside though, especially during winter where I tend to feel couped up after a while. Glad your run went well!

  2. I will always pick running outside over running on the treadmill. One of my favorite things is to go out for a run in the snowy cold without checking the temperature until I get home. Then I feel all hardcore when I find out that it was like 6 degrees or something like that! haha

  3. I would prefer to be on the treadmill but since I have a full marathon in April, I have to get most of my runs done outside this winter 😦 I am a neutral running, so I go for a less support, but not quite a minimalist shoe. I am SO glad you are taking the Centergy training. I am certified in Group Power and Group Step through that company and I LOVE it! Centergy is such a great class, I hope you love the training!

    • Good luck with your training! I think it takes a lot more motivation to push through the winter months, but it probably helps if you have a race coming up. I’m glad to hear you’ve had a good experience with the BTS programs. I’m really looking forward to the training! I’m slightly obsessed with the class 🙂

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