Turkey Trot Recap & It’s My Birthday!

2013-11-28 11.26.47Wishing you & yours a happy Thanksgiving yesterday! I hope you took the advice floating around the blogosphere and enjoyed your food and the people around you. As others have said, one meal will not “make or break” you. It’s habits over time that make a true impact. So today, we’re back at ‘er; living happy and healthy lives (not that we ever stopped…). Oh, and it just happens to be my 27th birthday. I’m linking up today with Jill at Fitness, Health & Happiness, Clare at Fitting It All In, Lauren at The Lauren Elizabeth, and Jennie at Diary of a Real House Wife

Yesterday, hubby and I got up early and readied ourselves for the Turkey Trot in Appleton, WI. By “ready” ourselves, I mean throw on some Pro Compression, tights, layers, hats & mittens. Cuz baby, it was COLD outside!

2013-11-28 06.48.10The temperature at the start was 21 degrees with a wind chill of 15. Not actually too bad for a November day in Wisconsin. We elected to do the 5 mile run and had signed up pretty early in September. For only $18 we got a long sleeve shirt and a 5 inch pumpkin pie. This was our first ever Turkey Trot in Appleton and surprisingly, parking and crowds were not bad at all. There were a lot of people there, but it was well organized. I really appreciate well organized events because makes such a difference!

I’ve been nursing an IT band injury for the past couple weeks, so I didn’t have high hopes as I began the trot. I wasn’t worried about my pace, but wore my Garmin to keep track of our mileage. Sure enough, about mile 2.5 I started feeling knee pain spread across my knee cap. Hubby stuck with me (what a guy, I know :)) and we walked the rest of the way. We finished in a little over an hour.


Five Things About My Injury

1) Want to know how to drive a runner crazy? Make them walk while others around them are running. It was only slightly mentally painful (note: sarcasm) to watch others pass me when I know I could’ve easily passed them a couple months ago. I know, I know “compete against myself” blah, blah, blah. 🙂

2) It’s been mentally tough to go through an injury like this. I just want to run like I used to and I hope, hope, hope to get back to that point sooner rather than later.

3) I feel taking some time off from running and focusing on spinning, centergy (yoga+pilates), core, and possibly group power (weight lifting) may be to my benefit. I still love running and that’s part of the reason I feel I may need a little break. I know I’ll run again, but my body is telling me something. I need to get stronger to be the runner I want and know I can be.

4) It was ironic during the run because I’ve trained my mind throughout my half marathon training to push through almost anything. I don’t give up when running. I’ve mastered that mental toughness needed to push past pain. However, with my IT band issues it seems that mental toughness may be a hinderance rather than beneficial. I could push past the pain, but it’s likely I would only make my injury worse.

5) So instead, I’m focusing on—>staying warm by the fireplace.

2013-11-28 09.47.55Rolling out those calves with my new birthday present. Hubby may have let me open a birthday present early. Opps! Oh wait, we do that every year. 🙂 He got me this Gaiam Pressure Point Massager that I had been eyeing at Target.

2013-11-28 06.19.14If any of you are part of the “crazies” as I like to call them, good luck with Black Friday shopping! I’ll be doing some shopping online in my sweats.

Tonight for my birthday hubby is taking me to a fancy shmancy restaurant that I’m excited to try. Other than that, no big plans for the bday which I’m A OK with. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and get some sweat sessions in!

Do you Black Friday shop? In stores or online? Anyone else Trot? How did it go??

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17 thoughts on “Turkey Trot Recap & It’s My Birthday!

  1. Happy birthday!! And sorry about your injury. Running injuries really are the worst (and I also find it impossible to ‘just compete with myself’…even when someone is on the treadmill next to me at the gym!) It’s good to hear you have so many other exercises you can turn to while you’re recovering. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Happy birthday – hope you get all the shmancy that you fancy 🙂 And you are right to take some time off – IT is one injury that you CAN run through…until you can’t run at all, that is. I took 2 weeks off to let mine heal up, and it seems to have made all the difference; it wasn’t easy. seeing as I am only 7 weeks away from my first marathon – the mental pressure to get out and run just about drove me nuts! Hoping your recovery goes well, and your fire is warm!

    • Thanks, Nick! I’m glad to hear taking some time off has helped you. Ahhh can’t believe you’re only 7 weeks away! That’s awesome! I hope it goes well. There’s just nothing else like that feeling of completing something you’ve worked so hard for. Good luck!

  3. Happy Birthday! It had to have been sooo hard to watch people run while you walked.. but you still got out there. I battled an IT injury a while back… just do as you are supposed to and let it heal.. I didn’t and it took me too long to get back! Good Luck!

  4. I wanted to trot but just couldn’t fit it into the day so I ran 5 miles at home instead. OMG #1 is so true. It’s kind of comical 🙂

    I have to have that pressure pint roller. I use my Stick all the time and this looks like it’s even better.

    • I’ve been trying the massager out and it’s really nice for calves/IT band. I can get more pressure on those areas than with my foam roller. Nothing wrong with doing the miles at home! I bet it’s a lot easier if you had to cook and get things ready. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving Jill!

  5. Happy Birthday, Darling! Hope you & your hubs had a fabulous time at your fancy dinner. I’m so sorry to hear about your knee still acting up. I love your idea on taking some time off from running. Let the injury heal sweetie. No need to make it worse ❤

  6. so sorry to hear your leg is still bothering you! I hope you can love the other exercises and take a running break, so you can get back to running soon. AND 15 DEGREES!! I think it almost hit 60 here in st louis 😉

    • 60! Haha you lucky duck. I wish we had those kind of temps this time of year. Thanks for the support! I appreciate it. I have been taking some time off and trying different exercises. I’m enjoying the change so far, but still want to get back to running!

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