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About Me: Welcome to my blog! I’m Nikki and reside in northeastern Wisconsin. My blog is about my passion for running, exercise, food, and living a happy, healthy life in general. I’m always up for trying a new recipe in the kitchen, no matter how obscure the ingredients might seem. I have been married for almost 2 years and enjoy sharing my life with my husband. He is (almost) as adventurous in the kitchen as me. Besides running and cooking, I enjoy my career as a speech language pathologist at an elementary school.

Why did you start a blog? There are SO many out there already!: I started this blog to connect with others in the healthy living blog world. After reading numerous HLB for months, I decided to document my own healthy living. As recommended by other bloggers, this blog is for ME, to remind myself of the awesome accomplishments I’ve completed!

My healthy living history: During college, I managed to gain not just the “freshman 15”, but the “freshman/sophomore 30.” It never dawned on me while I was gaining weight, that “Holy crap! I’m gaining weight!” Weight had never been an issue for me in high school, until I got to college. It wasn’t something I thought about. I would come home after school, sit on the couch and eat a plate of cookies and drink a Pepsi while watching TRL without a second thought. I stayed the same weight, give or take a couple lbs. I had this mind set that I couldn’t gain weight. In college, I didn’t weigh myself and most of my jeans fit for a while. What changed was my visit to a nutritionist at college in 2007. I went to see her after I realized all my energy was drained for no reason, at least no reason I knew at the time. I would come back to my dorm and take a nap after a 12pm class. Not so normal for a 21 year old. I didn’t understand why I was so tired all the time, until I took a hard look at my lifestyle and diet. I thought a 30 minute run/walk at the gym a couple times a week would keep the weight away. Turns out, when you eat at an “all you can eat” caf and drink 2 nights a week, the weight just piles on. I weighed in at 152 lbs that day at the nutritionist. Since then, I have changed my thoughts on the importance of nutrition and exercise in striving to live a happy, healthy life. Six years later, I am 122 lbs and feel fitter and stronger than I ever was in high school. For me, it has been a physical and mental change that has made the most difference. I no longer feel the need to “diet and exercise” for a certain amount of time (because I would end up giving up), but instead incorporate healthy physical and mental living in my daily life. It’s a habit now that no longer goes in cycles.

Meet the “CHIKS”

Husband: We were married in October 2011. Love of my life.2013-09-22 06.44.55

Murphy: Another love of my life (a girl can have two, right?). Never a dog owner until a year ago, now I can’t imagine life without him! Murph is a one year old teddy bear (3/4 shihtzu 1/4 bichon).

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